E-commerce for LowCarb bakery and food products


Soulfood LowCarberia


Shopware Webshop for LowCarb und Keto Produkte

The task

Soulfood LowCarberia is a manufacturer of LowCarb baking mixes. The company wanted to sell its products online and optimize its processes for use in e-commerce.

The challenge

The company needed a web shop t make online sales convenient and secure for customers. The website's design had to be sales-promoting for the unusual and novel products and whet the customer's appetite for the food. The merchandise management system had to be modernized and adapted to the requirements of e-commerce.

The solution

Based on the analysis of possible customer target groups, WPWA Digital planned a coherent website concept, developed a customer-oriented webshop, and created a design that encourages purchase through colors and structure. Our agency carried out an evaluation of the necessary tools to operate the shop securely and efficiently. The choice fell on a combination of Shopware and Xentral. WPWA Digital implemented both tools and configured the interface between the two systems.

The services

The following services were provided by WPWA Digital:

  • Corporate design for the website
  • Concept, design, and programming (user interface / UI and user experience / UX) of the website
  • Shopware shop
  • Consulting on the choice of the right ERP system and implementation with Xentral



The result

User numbers and sales via the shop website are developing very positively. The administrative effort required to operate the shop has been greatly reduced. The ROI of the shop was thus improved enormously overall.

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