A flexible subscription model for video conferencing steles


C-Line Mediensysteme GmbH


Website für ein Abo-Modell von Videokonferenz-Systemen, Xano Now

The task

C-Line is the industry leader in custom video conferencing solutions. As a result of the Covid pandemic, the company saw the need for a videoconferencing product that would meet the new market requirements of flexibility in terms of time and space and that would convince with technical features and a fair billing model. For this purpose, an unmistakable appearance was to be embedded in a modern and informative website. The distribution of the new product should require as little effort as possible.

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The challenge

C-Line needed a video conferencing product with maximum flexibility and a highly simplified sales process.

WPWA Digital had to develop a concise market presence and a go-to-market concept for the professional all-in-one web conferencing solution, which differed from the previous products in price and flexibility.


The solution

WPWA Digital designed and developed a TYPO3 website with HubSpot integration for sales.WPWA Digital worked with C-Line to clearly present the details of the subscription model for the conference steles on the website and developed the word and image mark "Xano Now." To facilitate the sales workflow, WPWA Digital designed and programmed a new TYPO3 website with Xano Now branding. In addition to interactive elements that clearly display the product specifications, HubSpot was implemented to simplify contact via appointment and the ordering process, both for the customer and C-Line.

The services

The following services were provided by WPWA Digital:

  • Product branding and communication strategy consulting
  • TYPO3 web design and development
  • HubSpot integration for contact and order process
  • SEO support (including keyword research, copywriting, and evaluation)
  • Integration of Google tools (Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics)
  • Digital Analytics
The result

In addition to positive feedback on the website, customer satisfaction at C-line has increased significantly, as has sales.


„With Xano Now, we have succeeded in developing a modern product perfectly adapted to the needs of hybrid working environments. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with WPWA, the approach is excellently adapted to our desired customers. The introduction of HubSpot has significantly modernized our sales work. WPWA Digital's web analytics also help us take number-based optimization measures.“
Jürgen Mayerhofer
Sales Manager
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