Car on subscription: How to optimize a website for a start-up?




Conversion Optimierung der Webseite eines Auto-Abo-Modells in der Schweiz

The task

For the Swiss start-up Clyde, the website is an important channel for communicating the novel business model of a "car by subscription" to target customer groups. It is possible to take out a subscription directly via the website. A simple website already existed, but modernization was urgently needed.

The challenge

A modernized website should present the innovative idea of a "car by subscription" and reach interested target groups. The conversion was to be increased, i.e., more visitors were to become customers.

The solution

WPWA Digital developed a new, modern homepage. The website was adapted to the existing corporate identity, optimized for digital touchpoints, and further developed. The newly developed positioning was integrated into the new website, and the new wording ("Your subscription to freedom") was adapted.


The services

The following services were provided by WPWA Digital:

  • Corporate design for the website (UI-UX).
  • website: Concept, text, and design
  • Service functionalities: The desired car can be selected and subscribed to directly


The result

The ideas are implemented in stages on the company's website.

„WPWA not only develops creative and strategic concepts for branding but also supports the topic of marketing automation with sophisticated journeys. Thus, the customer is not only captivated, but is also allowed to embark on a long journey with the brand, which ultimately ends in valuable sales. The WPWA team, as well as Sebastian himself, always had an open ear for concerns, acted super flexible and professional even under extreme time pressure!“
Natalie Heinrich
Head of Brand & Marketing
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