Digitized data collection: An app for the consignment note




Design und Entwicklung einer B2B-App für OELCHECK

The task

When collecting new oil samples, OELCHECK, a laboratory for lubricant and fuel analysis, used to fill out accompanying documents by hand. A tedious and error-prone process.

The challenge

OELCHECK without or recognizing it. WPWA Digital had an incredibly efficient idea for the company: a specially programmed app that forwards all the data from a sample collection directly to the laboratory using a QR code.


The solution

WPWA Digital developed an app concept to digitalize the data collection process. WPWA digital's app automates the data collection process and sends the data directly to the customer platform LAB.REPORT. This saves time, eliminates sources of error, and increases the company's professional impression on its customers. The app can be downloaded from the OELCHECK website.


The services

The following services were provided by WPWA Digital:


  • Product idea

  • conception

  • App design & app development

  • UI & UX


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