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ZAR – Zentrum für ambulante Rehabilitation


360° virtuelle Tour

The task

The ZAR rehabilitation clinics offer rehabilitation, therapy, prevention, and health at various locations in Germany. Virtual 3D tours of different clinics, as well as meaningful image photos, are to provide authentic insights into the rehabilitation centers as well as transparency before the first visit and trust for the customer.

The challenge

Our certified Google Street View Trusted photographers created the 360° tours of clinics at 21 locations. These were conducted under the highest hygiene standards and requirements.

In addition, high-quality and appealing corporate photos were to be created that could be used for various marketing activities.


The solution

With a 360° tour in Street View technology, the virtual impression of the rehabilitation centers is enhanced and enables a quicker first impression of the premises. Through structured and professional project management as well as practical experience with extensive projects, the large number of locations could be successfully covered.

The virtual tours appear on the company website, in Google Search, and on Google Maps and convince potential patients emotionally and visually. In this way, ZAR stands out positively from the competition and presents itself in line with its position as the largest provider of outpatient rehabilitation services in Germany. Findability in Google search is also strengthened, as the 360° images serve as an SEO measure.

The company photos additionally strengthen the visual impression and are used for various marketing activities (e.g., brochures).

The services

The following services were provided by WPWA Digital:

  • Professional execution by our Google Street View Trusted Photographer
  • Virtual 360° tour through 21 locations
  • Optimized for smartphones and Google
  • Integration into the website
  • Image shots of the locations


The result

The proactive planning and approach meant that the shoots were  implemented professionally and produced an overall satisfactory result.

„With WPWA, we had the ideal partner for creating the 360° tours of our rehabilitation clinics. The team is friendly & professional and always managed to quickly adapt to the different conditions on site and capture the best impressions. With the result, we can offer our patients great insights into our rehab centers and thus create further trust.“
Sabine Nicolaus
ZAR Zentrum für ambulante Rehabilitation
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