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Social Media Concept and Management

The task

Gruber Holding is a company specializing in plant construction, civil engineering, special foundation construction, canal rehabilitation, earthworks, demolition, and gravel pit operation, located in Sauerlach near Munich. The company aims to increase its reach, strengthen its brand, and attract potential applicants through structured and targeted social media engagement.

The challenge

How can the topics of building technology, wastewater technology, and construction projects be made attractive and informative on social media channels? Due to the variety of topics offered by Gruber Holding, a structured content concept has been developed, which takes into account all service areas. Technical topics are presented clearly and understandably, and a personal approach in the posts positions the company as approachable and friendly to applicants.

The solution

At the project start, a social media concept was developed, which divides postings into 3 content categories:

  • Gruber in Action: Insights into projects and customer orders

  • Good to Know: Simply explained technical processes

  • Behind the Scenes: Team events, employee introductions

Crucial for the social media concept is the utilization of various channels (LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Instagram) with all associated formats (images and videos in the form of feed posts, stories, reels, carousel posts). A editorial plan with fixed posting times and dynamic variation of contributions was created. Suitable hashtags are also used to generate more traffic, including potentially new followers.

For design, WPWA Digital focused on the uniformity of the look, primarily using Gruber Holding's primary and secondary colors, as well as recurring graphic elements to increase brand awareness.

The services

The following services were provided by WPWA Digital:

  • Creation of Social Media Concept
  • Content Creation in the form of images, videos, and text
  • Development and maintenance of the editorial plan
  • Operational management of the channels
  • Community Management
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