Digital lead capture and automation at the trade fair stand


United Robotics Group


Konzeption und Umsetzung digitaler Leaderfassung auf Messen und Events

The task

The United Robotics Group regularly presents its latest robot developments at trade fairs and events. Up to now, the registration of interested parties was only done manually and then digitized. This resulted in duplicate work and increased susceptibility to errors.

The challenge

All collected leads should be automatically imported into the CRM software of the United Robotics Group and provided with the appropriate propertiesrequires strict data consistency.

The solution

WPWA Digital conceives the digital process of lead capture, designs, and configures an app with all the necessary functions in the company branding with the help of SnapADDY, which is downloaded by the United Robotics Group's trade fair stand supervisors. The contact details of a new prospective customer are now automatically recorded - utilizing a built-in business card scanner, a search of the LinkedIn profile, or manually input. Predefined forms can also be used to record interests and other information. A DSGVO / GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)-compliant newsletter subscription on-site is also possible.

The collected data automatically synchronizes with the CRM system of the United Robotics Group. Thus, the app solution offers consistent long-term data and immense time savings. With the marketing automation in HubSpot set up by, the trade fair and event leads are further qualified and integrated into nurturing processes.


The services

The following services were provided by

  • User-friendly app configuration
  • Linking of contact properties in HubSpot
The result

Two successful days at the trade fair with many new, cleanly captured leads, which can be contacted personally afterwards or addressed by means of marketing automation.

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