Simply automate business operations

Integration Platform as a Service

The better alternative to Zapier!

Make is a so-called iPaaS software (Integration Platform as a Service) that allows you to link and automate cloud-based processes. This means you no longer have to trigger small tasks individually, such as opening applications, uploading relevant information, saving contacts, and so on, with a click. This offers a small time saving in the moment and a significant efficiency gain for many repetitive tasks.

Benefits of Make

  • Make integrates hundreds of cloud applications such as Outlook, WordPress, Dropbox, Facebook, or LinkedIn, making it appealing to companies of various sizes and industries.
  • Capable of creating workflows for complex and multipart processes.
  • Operations are logged for optimization purposes.
  • Workflows can be saved and used for other projects.
  • Processes are automatically triggered by “triggers”, such as specific terms in instructions.
  • User-friendly interface allows for easy combination and modification of modules, enabling rapid optimization of operations.

Our services

  • Conceptual and technical consulting.
  • Tool setup.
  • Training/coaching for users.
  • Long-term care and support.
  • Software maintenance.
  • Configuration of APIs for integration of other systems.
  • Integration with HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRMs.

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