From newsletter to online marketing tool

One tool, many features!

The newsletter marketing tool Brevo (Sendinblue) combines marketing automation features such as retargeting functions, personalized landing pages, and behavior-based campaigns with suitable delivery options via SMS, email, or WhatsApp, as well as live chat tools, Facebook Ads, and CRM functions. The tool enables successful online marketing for both small and medium-sized budgets and requirements.

Why use Brevo?

  • Brevo automates marketing processes, including automated responses to inquiries.
  • It offers easy integrations, for example, with WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify or via Zapier.
  • Custom integrations, such as for TYPO3 CMS, are also possible.
  • The platform provides integrated analytics, for instance, through Google Analytics.
  • It supports SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, including the ability to attach images or videos.
  • Additionally, Brevo allows the use of Facebook’s “Lookalike Audiences” function within the Brevo account.
  • It offers centralized management for various channels and includes list management for contact lists.
  • Brevo’s hosting is located in Germany and it has a German-speaking support team.

Our services

  • Conceptual and technical consultation.
  • Tool setup and configuration.
  • Training/coaching for users.
  • Long-term assistance and support.
  • API configuration for integration with other systems.
  • Integration into other systems, such as TYPO3 CMS.


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