Search engine optimization

Individual advice for you and your business

We provide you with sound advice on whether SEO makes sense for you and your business model.

Focus on your business objective

Your business goal is our goal - on this basis, we develop a successful and effective SEO strategy for your internet presence.

All-round carefree - full service

Website analysis, SEO content, consulting, and SEO software - coordinated and efficient for your company.


Why search engine

Whether products or services – potential customers find you on the Internet via a search engine.
With search engine optimized content (SEO), you exploit the potential of your internet presence.

Good SEO content finds its way to precisely the Internet user you want to address for your company. And potential customers discover your offer – sooner than that of your competitor.

Search engine optimization –
tailored especially to you

Are you a start-up, an online shop, or a hidden champion? Very different strategies will lead you to SEO success. Depending on your company, page impressions, downloads, or dwell time on a page may have to be evaluated quite differently.

The wrong strategy will cost you money without any benefit to your business. For example, if keywords are misinterpreted, your website will get more traffic from an irrelevant target group.

Improve SEO ranking

We boost your search rankings on various levels. Regardless of all measures, changes only become noticeable 2-3 months later. But search engine optimization pays off in the long run.

We develop an effective SEO strategy with you

Our steps to a successful SEO strategy:

Understand the business model

You know your business model best. We learn about your business from you and discuss entrepreneurial goals and the potential of your internet presence. We provide realistic assessments in advance and give you reliable advice.

Individual solutions

We analyze, evaluate and formulate solutions by using expert software in a targeted manner. Furthermore, we only use  tools that fit your needs. And, if you wish, we can use your preferred alternatives. 

Analyses with the right tools

Systematic scanning of websites provides many different statistics. But which ones are most relevant for you? What do we need to address promptly? Does a coordinated approach within the framework of a digital campaign make sense?

Our services

SEO work must be sustainable. A few quick tricks can be successful, but not in the long run. A good SEO strategy also pays off in the long term.

What we are proud of