Unleash your marketing potential with account based marketing (ABM)

“Let the marketing people put the pictures in the white paper. Sales takes care of the serious business.”

Unfortunately, this mindset is still prevalent in many B2B companies. Do you want to break out of these silos and find efficient ways to engage B2B customers? Do you increasingly hear that digital capabilities make it easier and more cost-effective to reach target accounts and want to benefit from this?

Then boost your marketing with account based marketing!

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ABM advantages

  • Increase the customer potential - specifically focused on the customer and their company
  • Acquire new customers and improve existing business contacts
  • Increase conversion and boost brand awareness
  • Strengthen collaboration within the company
  • Reduce acquisition costs

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Account based marketing (ABM) is a form of marketing in the B2B sector in which you select desired customers (key accounts) and approach them with an effective strategy. You only approach customers who are important for your business and don't risk high wastage as with traditional inbound marketing. However, sometimes both can be combined.

In this method, internal collaboration between sales and marketing is also important, as it requires a detailed analysis of the key accounts.

Facts and figures about ABM

  • On average, a 171% higher return on investment is achieved compared to other marketing approaches.
  • Companies are 36% more likely to close larger deals.
  • Already 87% of B2B marketers use ABM or plan to do so in the near future.
  • According to a study, ABM improves customer loyalty by 70%.

Are you ready for your account based marketing strategy?