Your marketing potential analysis

If you answer yes to these questions, the potential analysis is worthwhile:

  • Would you like to get off to a flying start with your marketing in 2024?
  • You don't know which measures and channels you should focus on?
  • Don't know how to allocate your budget with the greatest possible ROI?

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After the potential analysis you know:

  • Which channels you should focus on in 2024

  • Which measures bring you leads and conversions

  • How to use your resources in a targeted manner or which additional resources you need

  • How to use your budget with the greatest possible return on investment

Why a potential analysis?

Unused potential means lost money that never comes back. There are different types of potential: some secure the current situation in the long term, others promise great success and real change. Recognizing these potentials is not easy and requires special tools, experience and dedicated resources. Time and experience play a decisive role, as potential can quickly evaporate. It is important not to ignore potential at any time in order to achieve maximum success and not be overtaken by the competition. Even smaller potentials can bring surprising success, often with little effort. Not every potential requires a large project and high costs.

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3 steps to success

Our support is aimed at uncovering hidden potential, highlighting its benefits and paving the way for a strategic and data-based approach.

1. Discover

  • Overview of challenges and wishes
  • Identification of potential for individual goals

2. Analyze

  • Industry and competition analysis
  • Analysis of data and measures via various channels

3. Grow

  • Planning concrete measures and presentations
  • Future-oriented presentation with key figures and resource planning

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What our customers think

„WPWA Digital's potential analysis helps us to take number-based optimization measures.“
Media technology company in the field of video conference rooms
„For our target group of integrators in the field of industrial automation, the WPWA's potential analysis helped us to develop the perfect Go2Market strategy.“
B2B company in the field of robotics
„With the perfect mix of digital channels, we finally achieve our goals and implement the right measures for us.“
Companies in the civil engineering & special construction sector
„Thanks to the potential analysis, we can now more effectively avoid the unnecessary use of financial resources for inappropriate measures. Thank you very much.“
B2B company in the smarthome sector