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Individual consulting
for effective digital analytics

We work with you to develop an individually tailored analytics strategy for the, most significant possible knowledge advantage about your visitors.

Digital analytics supports your business goals

Without detailed knowledge of your digital business channels, there is no way to optimize, and effectively use them to achieve your business goals. 

Digital analytics as part of a comprehensive digital strategy

In the long term, an optimal digital marketing strategy is only possible with individualized monitoring of your channels. 


Digital analytics:
Know more, optimize campaigns

For successful digital marketing, you must know who the visitors to your website or app are. It would be best if you analyzed them as precisely as possible. For example: 

  • Which target groups do they belong to?
  • How did they get to your pages?
  • What do they do on your pages?

Above all, conversion is essential, that is, in short: How do visitors become prospective customers of your company and, in the end, customers? You want to know what sales were achieved by customers who came from specific sources. This way, you can calculate a certain marketing measure's success and whether you made a profit on the bottom line. 

Decisive for this are the KPIs, Key Performance Indicators. These are, for example, the number of visitors and the length of stay or bounce rate on your website. Not every KPI is important for your company, but some are very important. The right key performance indicators quickly show you which adjustments you need to make to be more effective. 

Communicate more effectively with digital analytics

Today, there are many ways to track behavior on the Internet accurately. But it makes a big difference whether you collect general information or whether you can tailor the tracking to your campaign and business goals. At WPWA Digital, we advise you on which KPIs are crucial for your brand and which professional tracking software is suitable: for example, Google Analytics, Google Analytics 4, or even Matomo Analytics (formerly Piwik). We will show you how to integrate and set up these statistical tools following the latest requirements of the Data Protection Act, or we will do it for you. 

It is best to use accurate digital analytics as part of a well-coordinated digital marketing strategy to achieve the best possible results for your digital campaign and your internet presence.

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We help you collect and interpret your web statistics in compliance with the law.
This is how we enable you to make number-based decisions.

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