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Content must be targeted to your company. We produce customized content and formats for your corporate goals.

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Benefit from our expertise: our content fits reading habits on the Internet and reaches your target groups.

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Good content alone is good. Good content integrated into a comprehensive online marketing strategy is even better. That's what you get with us from a single source.


Why content marketing?

All users are bombarded online with a flood of information every minute. Their attention span and tolerance for advertising are therefore limited. It's different when you produce useful, interesting, or entertaining content and publish it on your website or with your sender on other sites. This is how you attract the attention of potential customers or get yourself remembered. A profile that shows you as an expert, awakens needs for your products, or arouses sympathy among potential customers and interested parties.

Content marketing: Increase your reach in the long term

With content marketing, you can address people who are not yet interested in buying, i.e., who are still at the beginning of the customer journey. They don't want to see an advertisement, but they want to read an article onan exciting topic.  At the same time, successful content must be target-oriented and suitable for your company, products or services, and target groups. Good content addresses the needs of a quick reader on the screen or smartphone in terms of content and form.

Good content production offers customers added value

If you can inspire your visitors with your content, you will increase your brand awareness in the long term and build a loyal community. As a content marketing agency, we make sure that this succeeds.

Relevant content binds different target groups

Whether it's texts for your customers, employees, or potential business partners: together with you, we filter out the essential points for the respective personas and create content that your target groups love. We at WPWA Digital clarify the needs of your target groups and tailor the content accordingly. With our content marketing, you achieve that customers approach you of their own accord.

The content marketing process

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WPWA is your contact for content marketing in Munich.

As a content agency, we work with you to create a long-term and sustainable content marketing strategy as part of your online marketing strategy We are involved in all content production phases – from planning to publication.

Essential components are:

Target group definition

Together we define your target groups. It is about who the content should address and what is important to these buyer personas.

Content audit

We take stock of the existing content. Visibility can often be increased if the existing content is optimized, and adapted.

Editorial planning

We make sure that your content is implemented in a target-oriented way. That's why we accompany you in all phases of content marketing.

Content creation

We create content that will stay in the minds of your target groups. No matter what format is required – at WPWA Digital, we produce content that customers look forward to.

Publishing & promotion

We publish your content with the right timing. With well-planned content promotion, we increase your visibility right from the start. Through targeted sharing and recommending (seeding), the content is read by many of the right people.

Performance measurement & optimization

We check at regular intervals how well your customers receive the content and optimize it continuously.

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Content marketing is a commitment, not a campaign. You have to love it and live it, only then is it authentic.

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