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Conquer your target groups on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!

Do you want to attract more followers to your social media channels, generate more leads or drive traffic to specific pages? With paid advertising on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, you can reach your existing and new target groups and thus contribute to achieving your business goals.

Social media campaigns

We plan your social advertising campaigns and optimize them sustainably according to KPIs.

Social media consulting

If you wish, we can advise you as a sparring partner on your campaigns and define target groups with you.


We create the right image or video posts for your social ads, stories, reels, and feeds.

Social Media Marketing vs. Social Media Advertising

What is the difference? Social media marketing is the organic area of social media where no or minimal investment is required to share engaging content on the various platforms and thus attract visitors. In social media advertising, campaigns focus on specific targeting. A defined budget is required for the playout of the campaigns to reach the target groups that have been selected according to various criteria.

Content is the party, and social media ads invite participation.

Social Media Advertising Content

Here, organic and paid social media can go hand in hand. For example, you can advertise an organic post or directly your entire profile to generate brand awareness. Ads optimized for conversions target the completion of an online purchase, the download of an e-book / white paper, or the ordering of a catalog, are suitable where users leave their contact details in a form. With lead ads, the form can also be integrated directly into the ad. An example of traffic-optimized campaigns is the feed to recruiting pages to advertise vacancies. The content that is promoted is always essential. It must be attractive enough for the user to leave their contact details and pick them up at the appropriate point in the customer journey.

Social ads are also an excellent way to promote SEO-optimized content!

How to choose the right platform and the suitable targets

The following platforms are available for advertising:

Reach target groups and set KPIs

The choice of platform depends on your target group. To define this, the creation of personas is helpful. Use data to determine which channels your customers spend time on. Whether B2B or B2C, about 30 million mobile users regularly spend time on social networks. As many as 84 minutes a day.

According to which goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) you want to optimize the campaigns depends on your business strategy. Is your goal to generate more sales? Then customer conversion is a good KPI. Is your goal to penetrate the market? Then the conversion from visitor to lead is a good KPI.

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Our services for your successful social media strategy

WPWA Digital supports you in the following areas. You can book them as a package or modularly.

  • Target group definition
  • Social media audit
  • Topic complexes & mapping
  • Content ideas
  • Editorial planning
  • Content design
  • Content creation
  • Publishing & promotion
  • Performance measurement & optimization

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