Social media marketing - more customers from social networks.

Generate more leads via Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok now!

Reaching customers with social media marketing
- together with us, you will find the right strategy for communication in social networks.

We find out which strategy is precisely right for you

How do you use social media marketing effectively for your company and brand? We provide individual and target-group-oriented advice.

Social media marketing supports your corporate goals

What do you want to achieve in your company with social media marketing? Your corporate goals are the focus of every consultation.

Social media marketing as part of your overall strategy

We do not conduct social media marketing in isolation. We integrate measures into a comprehensive digital strategy in a targeted manner.

Social media marketing – meet customers and potential customers on social networks

Many people are active on social networks. So it makes sense to reach your customer target groups on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, for example. With social media marketing, you do this strategically and effectively.

For example, through:

  • Attractive own posts on company accounts and fan pages.
    These can be texts, videos, or images (interesting facts, funny memes, etc.).
  • Sharing and liking the appropriate posts of others.
  • Active communication of comments and ratings
    (reputation management).

But how do you find the right target groups that will become customers? And how do you minimize wastage? We at WPWA Digital have the answers. We help you optimize your social media marketing with:

  • user-oriented content
  • the right timing
  • the right platform
  • the right target group.


Social Media Marketing vs.
Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing is all about the organic area of your social networks. With social media advertising, you can take off even faster by placing paid advertisements on social channels. The two can go hand in hand, but can also be run independently.

Are you looking for paid advertising on social media to convert more leads or build brand awareness? With social media advertising, you can build reach quickly and reach prospects and customers.

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„Unmistakable social media content that fits your brand is like a red thread for your users. They point the way to your products and services.“
Svenja Böhme Senior Project Manager
Svenja Böhme
Senior Project Manager
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What goals do you achieve with
social media marketing?

With a clever strategy, you can effectively reach your target groups with social media marketing, making your company better known. Your digital company channels, such as the homepage, receive more visitors, and you enter into a dialogue with your target groups. With a well-thought-out plan, you can increase your turnover with these means. It is crucial to monitor the strategy well in the ongoing process and adjust it if necessary. The best way to do this is with the proper digital analysis.

We accompany and advise you on your social marketing measures. In workshops, we work with you to find the right target groups and which platforms they use in the social network. As a sparring partner for your daily activities, we develop content ideas for new customers and prospects.

Our services


We analyze which measures are already successful and with which standards you achieve which business goals.


If it makes sense, we implement content creatively. You can rely on our creativity!


In workshop format or an individual consultation, we determine which target groups and platforms are suitable for your corporate goals and which strategies make sense.

Reporting and optimization

During the campaigns, we check exactly what is successful and where we can still adjust.

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