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A modern website provides an opportunity to establish digital business models, communicate effectively with the target group and stand out from the competition. When relaunching your website, you should therefore leave nothing to chance. Instead, get a professional partner on board.

Our services for your website relaunch

Your website is the digital flagship of your company and the entry channel to converting visitors into prospects, or even better - to customers. We help you and your website  become a conversion star. We are at your side from the conception, the selection of a CMS that fits your business goals, a technical consultation, and to the implementation. We also look after your website as a long-term contact partner.

The right strategy for the website relaunch

The website relaunch offers the opportunity to systematically build up the channel from scratch according to your ideas. Therefore, the website relaunch at WPWA.digital begins with a workshop. During this workshop we clarify your goals with each target group you have in mind and derive the necessary architecture accordingly.

Online shop

If the new website is intended to be an online shop, an appropriate shop system such as Shopware is necessary to ensure a flawless shopping experience.

Info website

If you want to inform customers about services and news from the company on the website, a simple content management system such as WordPress or Webflow is sufficient.

Complex projects

For complex websites with dynamic and static elements, we rely on classic content management systems such as TYPO3, Kirby, or Pimcore, which can handle large amounts of data efficiently.

Lead generation

If the focus is on the seamless processing of leads, as a certified HubSpot Partner, we implement your site with the HubSpot Content Management System.

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How a website relaunch works with WPWA

From strategy to web design to support – WPWA is your partner for a website relaunch that works. In an effective and proven process, we develop a modern website and lay the foundation for your success in the digital world.

Redesign or relaunch –
the path to a modern website

A modern website is more than a virtual business card, it is a sales channel, a communication platform, a tool for customer service, or an independent digital sales channel.


The requirements for modern websites are constantly changing. We recommend that our clients keep their websites updated with the newest technology, and progressively expand their functions as needed. Every few years, the design can and should be reviewed. This is called a rebrush or redesign. Though, if you continuously maintain your website for years, you don't need a relaunch.


However, if you have failed to keep your website up-to-date and subsequent problems increase, there can be lasting consequences for your customer experience and reach:

  • Long loading times
  • Technically outdated system
  • No longer a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)-compliant platform
  • No rankings in the search engines
  • Faulty display on smartphones
  • Complicated administration
  • Visually outdated design

If several of these problems occur, you should consider a website relaunch.

A website relaunch involves updating all components, including the technical architecture. A relaunch enables you to address problems at the root and create a powerful basis that will also meet the requirements of markets and customers in the future.

What goals should a relaunch of your website pursue?

Market, sell, inform – because modern websites fulfill many functions, a successful website relaunch offers many advantages for marketing, sales and customer care.

Communicate more effectively and strengthen brand identity sustainably

First impressions count, and customers increasingly make them via the website today. It is the first point of contact with the company. The website relaunch offers the opportunity to help shape this image and strengthen your brand identity.

Win new customers and increase company turnover

Complicated navigation, long loading times, or orphaned links: Outdated websites lead to frustrated customers, a higher bounce rate, fewer inquiries, and fewer sales. The website relaunch offers the chance to redesign the user experience from scratch and thus generate more customer inquiries.

Improve customer service and automate processes

We integrate your website into the existing digital infrastructure via interfaces. With a connection to the CRM, the website becomes a tool for customer care, among other things. An appointment calendar on the website allows customers to make an appointment, which is automatically linked to your internal systems.

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