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Why onboarding?

HubSpot is your all-in-one platform that brings together all customer-oriented areas of your business under one roof: marketing, CMS, sales, and services. To fully leverage the potential of all features, expert-led onboarding is not only advisable but even mandatory by HubSpot for Professional and Enterprise licenses.

You have the choice between a standard onboarding or a customized onboarding tailored to you. We'll show you how to find the right onboarding package.

Step by Step: How to find the right onboarding package

For which Hub do you need an onboarding package?

We offer HubSpot onboarding packages for the following Hubs:

  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub
  • Content Hub
  • CRM Suite

Do you need a standard onboarding or an objective-based onboarding?

In a standard onboarding, we guide you through the basic features of HubSpot in onboarding sessions and provide support for any questions you may have. This option is a do-it-yourself approach, where you set up your HubSpot system independently.

In your objective-based onboarding, we proceed with setting up your HubSpot system based on several defined goals, such as setting up a specific marketing campaign or building your deal pipeline to fit your sales structure. We offer coaching sessions, consulting hours, and support to help you customize your system to your needs. This option is a do-it-with-you approach, where we work together to set up your system.

Onboardings are mandatory from HubSpot's Professional or Enterprise license levels onwards. For Starter license levels, the packages can also be utilized. Alternatively, as a Starter customer, we are happy to offer you a coaching package of 5/10/20 hours. Please contact us!

Do you need assistance with implementation?

In each onboarding package, additional services/add-ons can be booked, which we implement for you in your portal (the do-it-for-you version):

  • Strategy workshops for modeling processes in HubSpot
  • Change management consulting
  • Design of landing page templates
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Configuration of your CMS theme for your HubSpot website/blog
  • Creation of your HubSpot website/blog
  • SEO analysis & SEO concept for your website/blog
  • Creation of SEO-optimized texts for your website/blog
  • Creation of email template(s) in your brand design
  • Creation of marketing email funnels (e.g., welcome funnel or for a specific product/service)
  • Setting up workflows
  • Setting up reportings and dashboards
  • Proof of concept projects to test concepts for feasibility in HubSpot
  • Implementation and building of interfaces (via native marketplace app, iPaaS solutions like Zapier or Make, custom API)

Get to know us: Schedule a free chemistry meeting!

Do you need assistance before purchasing the license?

We are also happy to help in advance. As pre-sales support, the following services can be booked:

  • Free chemistry meeting
  • Free demo of the HubSpot software
  • Discovery workshop to assess if your own requirements can be implemented with HubSpot (is HubSpot really the right tool?)
  • Proof of concept, in case the feasibility of processes and interfaces is critical for the purchasing decision
  • Additional consulting hours on a pay-as-you-go basis

Our onboarding experts

Anna Maria Stranieri

Anna Maria Stranieri

Senior Account Manager and Team Lead Digital

Svenja Böhme

Svenja Böhme

Senior Project Manager and Business Coach

Dominik Haussmann

Dominik Haussmann

Marketing Communication and Project Manager

Jens Scherbl

Jens Scherbl

Senior Developer and Integrations Specialist

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